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👋 i’m GhanShyam Singh Odint

I am a Film Writer Director, Editor, Lyricist and Web Designer. My Debut feature film VISHESH is ready to release soon. Currently I am focusing on Rajasthani music videos and my songs BANNA JAD CHAALE, KHOTO SIKKO, JIMMEDARI and FAKEERA were instant hits in Rajasthan.

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Writer, Director, Editor, Lyricist, Web Designer

Born in a small village of Rajasthan named Odint, GhanShyam Singh started his career at Balaji Telefilms after getting a diploma in filmmaking. Later he went on to assist many famous Bollywood directors including legendary Saawan Kumar. During his creative journey he has directed several award winning short films and music videos for his own record label SinghTone Music and other labels as well.
His music videos became overnight hits on internet garnering millions of views. His HitList includes BANNA JAD CHAALE, KHOTO SIKKO, JIMMEDARI, FAKEERA, CHAUDHARY, UDTA TEER and KOTHI HAWAMAHAL SI.
Khoto Sikko has recently won "Best Music Video" award at Mumbai Independent Film Festival while GhanShyam Singh Odint received "Best Director" award.

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Music Video projects

Portfolio 😍

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Happy clients say

GhanShyam Singh Odint's versatility as a multi-talented artist is astounding. His proficiency in various creative domains sets him apart.

Kapil Jangir

Founder at KS Records

GhanShyam Singh Odint's web design expertise brought our online presence to life. His creativity and attention to detail are truly remarkable.

Surendra Singh

Founder at Cabinwala

GhanShyam Singh Odint's attention to detail and dedication to delivering exceptional results are unmatched. I highly recommend his services.

RS Chauhan

Founder at SiddhiAnanta Group

As a film director, GhanShyam Singh Odint knows how to captivate audiences with his unique vision and impeccable editing skills.

RV Rajput

Founder at Pure Melodies

GhanShyam Singh Odint's creativity and innovative approach brought a fresh perspective to our project. I'm thrilled with the outcome.

Rahul Solanki

Founder at AgniKula

Working with GhanShyam Singh Odint was an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, dedication, and creativity made our project a resounding success.

Rao Suren

Founder at Anavrin Cafe

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